August 23, 2018
Went to Mona's family reunion and had a great time. Really hot temp's though but we had our mister with us. Really helps keep you cool. Had a great time also feeding bull calf's. Never did that before and they had to be bottle fed. Check out the clip. Not much been going on. Waiting for tomatoes to ripen to make some salsa that I'm going to can.
Not much going on in the acting world for me. Haven't had an audition lately but that's the way it is. Haven't gone fishing either due to the temps. River is low by a couple of feet and so is L. Winnipeg. Golf game is okay.
Have a great weekend.

August 8, 2018
Struggles in life regarding certain things you cannot change. I've had to put up with a lot of jokes, comments, etc. regarding my height but they have only given me the drive, motivation to go further.

August 2, 2018- Nothing much
Nothings much going on but missed out on an audition. Bummer. Sorry that I can't seem to line up the videos that I do. Please leave a comment because I get a email that x number of people have visited my site and if you are relatives great! Thanks Mom. But I would like to have an idea as to who you are.

July 30-Tomatos and Movies
Video for July 30th. Can't believe that this month is almost over.

Texting and Driving
Made a few comments regarding driving while texting. If you agree or disagree leave a comment

Captain on the Weekend
Went to friends cabin this weekend and was 1st Mate on the pontoon boat. Had a great time, weather was fantastic and the water was so nice to swim in.
This is a song I remembered from elementary school. It was from a musical that we were supposed to do back in Grade 3 or 4 but our music teacher started having health issues.

July 15- Pickled Beans
Was able to pick enough beans from our garden box to make one jar of pickled beans. Never made them before so we will see how they will taste an a couple of weeks.
Made pickled eggs yesterday and we'll see how they are in a week.
Had technical difficulties with some video today so I was only able to post a portion of it but I'm getting better at it.