Hello everyone. I have returned and have actually been home since March 13. I have not posted anything lately or current but that will change.
It was a very good experience in Vancouver. Learned a lot, answered a lot of questions and raised some others. I'm definitely glad I went but I'm extremely happy to be home.
Over time I will delete old videos and replace them with new ones. My adventure regarding acting is still continuing but since coming back my priorities have somewhat changed. Thank you to those who still continue to look at my site.

The Adventure 20
Okay, I was supposed to be heading home today but the universe has other things in store. Last night I received two phone calls from my agent for two separate auditions today. Both went very well. I will be here until March 14 and by then I should find out if I have been successful. If not I will be starting to drive home.
Went to a Taro card reading the other day. Very interesting. The reader, who I thought actually was pretty good suggested highly for me to meditate. Apparently I'm asking the right questions and the universe is giving me the answers but I can't hear them because I have too much going on in my head. I have to quiet my mind down hence the meditation. Tell your family how much you love them. Sweet dreams everyone.

The Adventure 19
Coming home. Leaving March 8 and wondering if I should take the Coquihalla or Hwy 1. Not sure.
Overall excellent experience. I now know how to get around Vancouver and get to places, which was one of my biggest concerns. It would have been nice to audition more but sometimes it is hard to tell how busy it would be for certain age groups. Definitely will come out again and try another time.
Being away for a month and 3/4 is a good experience but you realize how important family and friends are and how much they mean to you. Can't wait to get home. Tired of seeing Glen's pictures that he sends me with the success he's having ice fishing. Bugger

The Adventure 18
Still pretty quiet out here but had supper and a couple of beers with a friend who is also out here right now, Birnie Mcintosh. It was a great evening and we had a great talk about what we are trying to accomplish at the ages we are at. Had an audition for a national commercial on Friday. Went well but seriously I'm not expecting a callback. Callbacks are being held on Mar 8 and 9 so I would have to hear something by tomorrow, Tuesday or Wednesday. If not I'm driving back to Winnipeg. I've started prepacking the truck and getting things ready. Doesn't mean I can't come back.

The Adventure 17
Nine days till I'm returning home. Really slow out here auditioning wise but sometimes that's the way it goes.
Had lunch with Victor and Lorrie last week Friday and supper at their home with Tyler and his better half Janet, cousin Trevor and V and L's son Steven. It was a very nice time on sunday.
Went to a cold read at the Vancouver Film School on Monday with Tyler, Janet and a friend of Tyler's, Scott. Was really fun and was able to join in and do a read from one of the script writers.
Raining here today and a little on the cool side. I'm going to help at the BCSPCA tonight and sit with some dogs and cats that are their. Have never done that before but it should be fun.

The Adventure 16
It is not an adventure. I should have called it the opportunity to try. I will keep this clean.
If you are a parent who buys your kids the fruit cocktail that comes in a container where your child has to peel back the lid, you are not being nice to your child. Regardless of how you open the Goddamn thing it still squirts the juice all over your shirt. Try it.
Anyway, nothing to report except a rant that I have with my short video. Thanks for watching.
I love cats.

The Adventure 15
Happy Valentines Day. Had an audition today, went ok. Posted a short video, please check it out. I'm starting a new movement based on something I had read. Because you know, probably, how serious I can be take what I've posted to heart and how serious I am about it.

The Adventure 14
It is February 13. Tomorrow is Valentine's day so give your loved ones a hug. Have another audition tomorrow for a mini-series. Hope it goes well.
Looking after Mish, who is Jill and Alf's dog. Never did this before but she is such a kind hearted soul who loves being petted and going for walks, which is good for me.
So I'm here totally by myself, except for Mish, and this is giving me a lot of time to think and reflect. Since traveling out here I have been out of my comfort zone, which I'm mentioned before and with Jill and Alf gone even more so. I am alone but not lonely. I'm realizing that being here, even if I don't get an acting gig, it has, and is, an experience that I will always remember. I'm realizing what is important in my life and what isn't. I could get really philosophical but I won't. Each person goes through a journey. Some people get to journey longer and learn more and others have a very short journey. I do not mean the length of life. What I am referring to is being able, or having the ability, to try different things. Some people are content with having a very simple, relaxing life because that is what they desire. Others, like myself, want opportunity to try different things. To get out of that comfort zone and learn about ourselves as people, to learn about others and experience life in ways that some will never be able to do. This is giving me that opportunity. And I thank Mona, my children, and my family for supporting me.

The Adventure 13
Okay it's a new adventure. Had an audition yesterday for the series'The Good Doctor'. Great series. Went well.
Do not leave liver pate in a can without covering it. Goes dark. People are cheap. Went to the local VLT place and had a couple (few) beers. People win and they do not give anything to The employees trying to make their enjoyment pleasurable. Tried to give a tip to the fellow that cleans the washrooms and apparently it is shared by everyone. Not Fair. Liver pate tastes ok. Starving actors can't be picky. Went fishing today at Mikes Lake. Fellow I met caught a $150 ticket for fishing with two rods. The conservation Offficer. who carries a gun, I asked can I see your gun and he said "Come back to my truck". (Parents don't let your kids read this). I didn't get a ticket but I'm scarred for life. (Do not let let your kids come to BC)
Received an email to audition for a movie in Wpg. Figures.
My Agent, Darren Boidman from Carrier Talent, asked if I could self tape it. No answer. After two days. Not surprised. Winnipeg can't even fix our roads properly. Just cut myself on the can of liver pate. Not joking. Don't let your kids come to BC or eat liver pate out of a can.
Trying to make noodles. Fingers can't type properly. Cut opened up, bleeding again .Don't know how much longer I can last. Bleeding out. F'in hurts. Water boiled, going to make my noodles. Can't spell. Could be my last post. Tell your friends, if you have some to go to www.darrenfelbel.com to see what I'm doing.

The Adventure 12
It is Tuesday, February 6. Laundry day. I look forward to laundry day for some reason. The Chinese couple who own it are very friendly and I've engaged in a few conversations with the male owner, even though I can't understand a word he is saying but he laughs a lot so I laugh when he laughs. Maybe he's laughing at me, I don't know.
Tried to go fishing yesterday, probably for the last time at Rolley Lake. When I arrived I didn't take the usual path down to the lake I took a different one. After walking for awhile, while carrying my fishing gear, the path came to an end. If you want to know the rest of this story watch the new small video clips because I would be writing a novel telling you about.
Went to two different lakes yesterday, all within a 20 minute drive. Alf took me to Mike lake and Alouette lake which are both located in Golden Ears Provincial Park. If the weather turns nicer I will try to fish in Mike lake.
I did talk to my agent's assistant because I thought I would check in to make sure that they didn't forget about me. When she answered she stated "Hello, Carrier Talent", I replied "Hi (blank), this is Darren Felbel calling". She answered "Who". Right then it started raining not just outside but inside. (Actually that's now what happened she knew who I was right away and she mentioned that it's just slow right now but they haven't forgotten about me.)

The Adventure 11
Been awhile since I've written anything due to not much to tell. Weather here has been okay temp wise just a lot of rain. I don't miss the 30 below back home.
Haven't been up to too much. Tried fishing again on Friday. No catchy fishy. 3 bites and that was all. This rain must wash a lot of insects or other edible food for the fish which is why they aren't biting. It's a theory. Just waiting to hear from my agent. I have decided though to stay till April 19, which will be 3 months. Even that might be longer than I want to stay especially if nothing happens, including having at least an audition. Unless there is money to be made here finding a decent place to rent to have available all the time is possible but is it practical? I would need something to happen for me to be able to do that.
On a positive note though I will be doing a Fringe show in 2019. Long way away but it is confirmed. More details to follow later.
Watched the Superbowl today with my chicken wings at the local establishment. Got to keep a bottle opener. Woo Hoo

The Adventure 10
It is Tuesday, January 30th and the sun and blue sky finally came out after about 6 days of straight rain. Was almost blinded looking up at the sky.
Tried fishing on the weekend, Saturday, at Rolley Lake but no success. Had two bites but that was it. The rain was relentless. Got too cold after a couple of hours especially the hands. Tearing of the crotch in the cheap foul weather gear I had didn't help either.
Sunday I went to Granville Island Market. That is a place to see. Lots of shops, bakeries, fruit stands, etc. Have to go back there again.
Didn't do much yesterday but today was laundry day. Also spoke to MPI regarding the stone chip in my windshield. I will be able to get it fixed out here which is great. Had a great workout at the gym and now it is just relaxing time for the rest of the day. Nothing new on the audition front yet.

The Adventure 9
Today is January 26. I have been here exactly one week yesterday. It feels like I have been here longer. It has been a journey in such a short time due to being out of my comfort zone, learning where to go and how to get there, keeping myself occupied. Even if things don't work out, in terms of acting, I'm glad that I had a chance to have experienced what I am experiencing. Alf and Jill, where I am staying have been great. Yesterday Alf took me to one of the lakes that I will be fishing in, Rolley Lake. The lake isn't very big but is stocked with trout. There will be a video of our walk in the Adventure clips section. Just bought my fishing license so I'm set to go. Went to yoga again last night and that feels really good afterwards with the stretching. Talked with my kids and Glen (and Tracy) yesterday. It was great to hear their voices. Hopefully get to facetime with Mona tonight. I hope that some people don't think I'm a suck because I'm missing home but I'm still here for, at least, another 2 1/2 months. Hopefully auditions will start for me in the next couple of weeks. Out here I'm just gonna be me.

The Adventure 8
It is Tuesday, January 23 already. Been raining here all day. Temp isn't bad but just very wet. Didn't get a chance to get on here last night but yesterday, the 22nd was a great day. Went to downtown Van on the commuter train, the West Coast Express. Never had been on one before and the train is Huge. Walked around downtown after leaving Waterfront Station and I hadn't even been there 5 minutes and somebody already hit me up for money. Lot of people looking for handouts there. Went walking in the West Hastings area which is kind of like Main St around Higgins, Jarvis area. Did a lot of walking, I mean a lot. Saw my agent, Darren Boidman and that was really good.
I also learned how to get back to Maple Ridge by the SkyTrain, which is really cool and fast, and transit bus. Trip takes about 75 minutes which isn't that bad. Have to learn where all the casting directors do there auditioning now.
Onto to today. Today was laundry day. Went to the local laundromat and had breakfast while waiting for my clothes to be nice and clean. Went for a workout and now I'm trying to find a place so I can get my beard trimmed. Ask a fellow at the gym and he said to go to Coquitlam because he didn't like the barbershop here. So I might do that tomorrow. That's kind of about it for today. Check out my blog video where I will be talking about this stuff. Thanks for reading.

The Adventure 7
Well, it is Sunday night January 21st. Went for my first workout Champion gym which was great and rode the bike I brought today also. Very windy here today. Sun came out for awhile but disappeared eventually. Came to an epiphany tonight regarding something that I can't really put down in word so watch the video that I have which will explain it better.

The Adventure 6
Went walking in downtown Maple Ridge to see the sights. Bought my Compass Card for the West Coast Express commuter train and a gym membership for a couple of months. And my legs are KILLIN' me! Everything is uphill, no word of a lie.
There is no down, only up, which possibly could be a good thing. Bought a microwavable bowl and spoon for my soup at the local thrift shop so now I can eat. Very wet here due to the constant rain today but it beats -20. Already with the walking I've done I think I lost a couple of pounds. Beer here is cheaper than Winnipeg. A 24 is about 30 bucks so that's kind of nice. Have to buy a rain suit tomorrow and get my fishing license for out here. That's about it for now. TTYL

The Adventure 5
I'M HERE. Got into Maple Ridge, where I am staying about 4 this afternoon. Drove on the Cocahalla (or however it's spelled) highway. That again is an experience. It should be called the Alcoholic Highway because you need a drink after driving it. In the space of 200kms from Kamloops to Hope the weather changed 4 times. Rain, snow, fog then some kind of ice pellets then sun. No wonder you need snow tires. Heard about some more about the collision btwn the 2 semi's that happened yesterday. No one was seriously hurt, both drivers were good. When I arrived here I thought Alf, his buddy and I would go and see the sights and we did. We went to yoga. Never did yoga before and I actually enjoyed it. Felt good after driving for the last couple of days. After that we grabbed something to eat. Well that's it for now, going to hit the sack and get a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams everyone. And by the way this was posted Thursday night at 10:34 B.C. time.

The Adventure 4
Well here I am in Revelstoke, B.C. Was going to try to make to Vancouver today but the highway is closed from here to Kamloops due to two semi's hitting head on. Apparently it is very bad and there won't be an update till 6 p.m. so I'm hunkering down here. Driving thru the mountains was AWESOME. Never did it before but what an experience. Starting snowing a couple of hours ago and that made it even more challenging. Staying at the Super8 for the night. Going to go check out downtown Revelstoke for they have a lot of restaurants here.

The Adventure 3
In Calgary. Sorry I didn't post anything last night but I was looking for a place to stay, which I found and hit the sack pretty early. Stayed at the Travelodge just off of TCH. Really clean and very reasonable. Up early this morning to get the continental breakfast, which every aspiring actor needs cause it's included but also to get an early start. Have to print a retraction for my other posting regarding my cousin Dale. It was a great visit and he did have his wallet on him. And I did use their sheets and pillows. We caught up on what's been happening since the last time we saw each other. Really windy between Swift Current and Medicine Hat. Highway in really great shape. Came across a semi that had jackknifed and was in the ditch between the east and west directions of the highway. You could see the driver talking to someone so you could tell he was okay. Going to go eat so that's it for now. Hope to be in Vancouver by the end of this day.

The Adventure 2
Made it to Regina. Spending the night with my cousin Dale and Susan. Went out for dinner and Dale forgot his wallet so I paid for dinner. Dale said that they didn't have sheets for the spare bed so I have to use my sleeping bag and the pillow I brought. Haven't seen Dale for about 5-6 years. This is not what I expected. He changed. Susan was great to talk to. Weather is still cold but supposed to change by Wednesday. Drive to Calgary tomorrow. Had to include this photo, with permission. It totally was destiny to stay with Dale and Susan and this wisdom is on their wall. What are the chances?

Day Before
It's Sunday. One more sleep and then it's on the road. I'm finishing packing today and tying up loose ends for the next 3 months. Saw family this weekend to say goodbye. This is the first time that I will be away from family and friends this length of time. To be honest having second thoughts about going but if I don't then I will never know what could potentially happen.

I have figured out how to post my videos in the section entitled Adventure Clips. This section will be just The Adventure Blog if you just care to read posts. Now that I have a better idea as to what I'm doing posts and video will be posted, hopefully, everyday. Thanks for reading and watching.